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The $LOVER Coin represents a new evolution for The NSFW. With the purchase of this limited edition tote you will be Airdropped 220 $LOVER Coins (value $150). Once sold out, they're gone and will not be recreated. 


RECEIVING $LOVER COIN: Please include your email with purchase. You will receive a link with your airdropped $LOVER Coin within 2-3 days of purchase and confirmation.  

ABOUT $LOVER COIN: $LOVER is a governance coin for The NSFW. Ownership of the coin provides voting rights and an investment in the future of our community. Much like owning shares in a company, the more $LOVER you own the more you're able to control what we develop and how we grow. As a coin holder you benefit from returns on the investments we make including properties owned, membership and access pass sales, NFT artist collaborations and companies we acquire. In addition, you're support of $LOVER helps Protect the Rights of the Sexually Explorative (The #PROSEX Initiative). Investment six months have already been planned. View the $LOVER Roadmap.

WANT MORE: $LOVER will be live on UNISWAP and available for purchase on the platform. You can connect UNISWAP to your cryto wallet and trade ETH for additional $LOVER coin. Once $LOVER is sold out future drops will be made available through exclusive NFT projects and yearly drops.

VOTING: Each $LOVER coin you hold provides one vote towards projects, investments and acquisitions planned by The NSFW. Holding coin also allows you to submit projects for funding and have them voted on by the collective. Our collective funds raised give us the ability to invest in our growth and ensure returns for all our shareholders.